“Have You Heard the One About the Dog?”: How the Crypto World Has Been Overrun By the Same Tired Joke

Ever since Dogecoin’s unprecedented run earlier this year, it’s as if a new shiba-inspired cryptocurrency are minted every day. With the likes of Shiba Inu, Baby Doge, Baby Moon Wolf, and Doge Doge Baby (Okay, so maybe the last one is made up), everyone has been scrambling to jump on the next-best-meme.

And with the money being made by these crazy coins, it’s no wonder investors and regulators alike are wondering whether to take crypto seriously or whether it’s all just a big joke.

Don’t get us wrong…Dogecoin has brought much needed awareness to the crypto economy, along with a pleasant dose of fun to the otherwise stifling world of finance. I mean, we here at Story love a good joke as much as the next pup, but let’s be real here; the joke is getting old (was it really that funny to begin with?) and all the poodle coins jumping on the bandwagon aren’t helping.

It’s Time To Close The Book on Meme Currencies

We at Story believe the world deserves a little more substance from the crypto community. Real projects that utilize blockchain technology in unique ways to solve real world problems. That’s why we created the Story Token; a revolutionary crypto-charity token built from the ground up to giving back. Utilizing our novel crypto-charity model, Story provides a platform where caring storytellers can celebrate heroes, feed the hungry, and advocate for those in need. So, no, our token is no joke…but we’d love to tell you a story or listen to yours.



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Story Team

Story Team


Story provides anyone, anywhere, with the platform to help others. Simply share your loved one’s Story in 60 seconds or less and our community listens and funds