Story- The Concept


Story allows anyone, anywhere to share a 60s video (or shorter) about someone in need of some financial help. For whatever reason possible, happy or sad.

Influencers vs You and me

Influencers receive multiple messages a day from their followers who could use some financial help. As an influencers it is often difficult to publicly give back to their followers, because their platform does not have a philanthropic angle to it.

Will influencers not get the most upvotes?

The story team is well aware of the fact that big content creators will be getting more upvotes to their stories, simply because they can ask their following to upvote a specific story. There is no way around that.

The Story Feel

Story is a platform where people love to be. The most rewarding things in life often involve improving someone’s life in some way.

We want you!

We are hiring storytellers. If you are a self-starter, you love to make content, you are willing to learn and grow and you would like to tell people’s stories, then join our platform today!



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Story Team

Story Team


Story provides anyone, anywhere, with the platform to help others. Simply share your loved one’s Story in 60 seconds or less and our community listens and funds