Welcome to the Story Blog!

With a name like ours, we at Story felt it was high-time we started a blog to spread the good news about Story; the revolutionary Crypto-Charity platform built from the ground up to give back. Our unique platform blends the benefits of crypto with a caring, crowdfunding community.

Not Just Another Crypto Blog

Here at Story, we consider our blog an extension of our Story platform. In addition to the typical updates surrounding our token, our goal is to provide premium, substantial content to a crypto community that has been overrun by jokes and memes. With this in mind, we intend to provide heartwarming stories with unique insight into how we can use crypto to make the world a better place. Each month, our team will highlight the best stories and happy endings provided through our platform, charities to checkout, and updates about how our community is using the platform to help others.

Stay Tuned!

Our Story Team is excited to start this epic journey with you and we hope you enjoy our blog. There are a lot of articles and updates coming through the pipeline, so be sure to subscribe and follow!



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Story Team

Story Team


Story provides anyone, anywhere, with the platform to help others. Simply share your loved one’s Story in 60 seconds or less and our community listens and funds